Monday, 10 March 2014

Compare and Contrast Brassai and Man Ray

The two images I have chosen are the Man Ray ‘Untitled’ and Brassai ‘Nude’.
Choosing these I have chosen to discuss the way these images may appear to look like object of the body, making them seem surreal. “For Bataille informe is the category that allow all categories to be un-thought’ this quote from page 39 of the reading is possibly trying to say that what you see my show something that is usually un-thought of in an image. The photo by Brassai ‘nude’ shows the back and buttocks of a young woman, but what is it that we also see?

‘Conceptual implications of informe: for this term is meant to allow one to think the removal of all those boundaries by which concepts organize reality’, this quote explains the removal of boundaries, “thought of the unknown” In which when we look at an image of a hat or a woman’s body we can remove the ‘boundaries’ and see another image in which is a concept of reality.

Brassai and Man Ray’s image are both of normal things, however looking closer we can see other forms of the body emerge. In Brassai I see a male penis, the buttocks the testicles and the woman’s curved back the rest. However in Man Ray’s we see a woman’s vagina outline, this of its unique shaping of the hat, “to undo formal categories, to deny that each thing has its ‘proper’ form”.

By choosing to remove a formal look on an image we see the unseen images that are placed silently into the photographs, seeing a penis and a vagina are what was known as the unknown area, a ‘Vagina Dentata’ as it was believed that women’s vagina’s held teeth with in them, this being an old folks tale “with the associated implication that sexual intercourse might result in injury or castration for the man involved.”

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Waste- Care workers and Technicians

this is a link to Adam Amengual's project called "Day Labourers" this is an example of the kind of thing i am looking at for my care taker and technician shots, to show the waste of 'talents' at school, as outside of schools they may be more than the man that wracks up the leaves and clears away the bins. I want to show these people in their work life and their home life.
A man that i know works at a school with my father and he lives on site, and has 2 children and are happy but their home is really small, but i want to capture his life in the school's environment and them his life at home.

The waste aspect for this i am thinking of is the fact that many of these workers come in do their job and are hardly noticed each day, their waste of talent is used for taking out the trash, and to help the children with their studies but some don't actually know what they are capable of, that is what i am investigating.

waste project images of lockers to demonstrate the waste of school equipment over the years.

these are the lockers that i have taken pictures of for my waste project just a little bit of a visual of what i am planning to do, however i have not been able to take images of my care workers and technicians yet but that shall be done on thursday.
I am using these lockers to show that these lockers are used each year to different students, and they come and go and yet the lockers stay until the day comes for them to be replaced. many memories are held in these lockers, just like the picture of the locker door above with the Simpson stickers, many students try and make it their own but the lockers wont be there forever so neither will the children.


My waste project is about school waste and what we think waste is in schools, I've been to a school in gillingham and I have seen some lockers that have been wrecked by the abuse of the children, however I have been told that lockers like these are being replaced constantly, these metal safes are being taken away in places such as my father's van and taken to dumps or school auctions.

I also have been looking at the work by Adam Amengual and his his day labourer shots have given me an idea for my care taker and technician shots, as they are the back bones to schools but go un-noticed. So I am going to be focusing in my images the physical being in "waste" and then the object of waste, I.e. The lockers.

Monday, 3 March 2014

compare and contrast fashion photography

The images by David Sims are all models placed onto a colourful background all in which are posing in all different manners. The colours of the backgrounds all seem to compliment the images with their dull like colours and faded imagery. The males all seem to be placed into a bland setting that does not distract the viewer from the clothes, however the colourful backgrounds behind the photographs seem to be adding more definition to the images and to be giving the more character.
The next images i chose were the ones done by Andreas Larsson this being because of their simple black and white imaging, the poses of the men seem to be as if they are 'checking' themselves out in the mirror, however there appears to be no colours or wacky background or clothes, just pure simple classy outfits, that defines the models.
The poses of the models in 'cruise' seem to be very different to how men look at themselves in the mirror today, they are looking at themselves like women would do, 'is there more that needs to be done?' in comparison with the 'acid jazz' images they are not show in a home like scene but in a studio with only one prop, the mirror. and in the 'acid jazz' there seems to be more in which to look upon. such as sofas, sunglasses door frames so on.
the two images are different in colour and in which are both striking in their own terms.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


For my waste project I would like to focus on schools in Medway and what they throw away each day. In schools paper is used up every day and mostly wasted, I want to see what other equipment is used up or ‘wasted’ in our local schools. I want to focus more in the art and design technology departments, as they’re resources are being used every day, and many projects created by students are being thrown out. Also many pieces of furniture are being thrown out, old stalls, chairs and tables, all because the new are coming in. I want to investigate this as my father works in a local school as a Technician and he tells me constantly how much wood the schools goes through each term, and every day he finds himself ordering new supplies. I also want to look at waste of talent, as there are many technicians these days including my dad that is taken for granted. In my eyes I find that the simple technician is the back bone to all teachers, as they support and help pupils but they aren't given the same respect.  I have met a lot of pupils at the school my father works, and they all say that “Mr. Williams is a fun, creative and an intelligent guy”.  But the waste in schools is something very important, and most people seem to miss it, that is why I am choosing this, not because of a personal reason but of a professional reason. I want to show what is being done and to project the people at these schools and what they want to change and if it can be changed. I just want to show if waste in schools can be reduced.